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The Empath's Workbook is finally Published!
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Help for the empath or highly sensitive person
help setting boundaries and saying no

Find Happiness as an Empath

You do not have to be the victim of other people's negative energy.  identify what is yours, and what is coming from someplace else.  achieve a life that you never thought was possible.  You will never again think that being highly sensitive is a bad thing!

Healing for the empath or highly sensitive person
Empaths CAN stop Absorbing Other People's Negative Energy!


Coaching with Krista will teach you how to shield and protect yourself from the moods and energies of other people and places.

Life Coach Grand Junction, Colorado

Empath Grand Junction, co

The empath and depression or anxiety


Your Empathic Superpowers!


Coaching with Krista will allow you to get in touch with the Superpowers that all Empath's have. Krista will guide you in developing your intuitive gifts.  utilize these powers to set and achieve your goals., living a life you had only dreamed of.

How to cope with being an empath

You Don't have to do it alone!

Self Care for the empath or highly sensitive person
turn on and
off your sensitivities
at will
Coaching will:

teach you techniques to turn up and down the "volume" on your sensitivities and abilities.   take control of your emotions, and your life.

the Empath and trauma

You are psychic!

There are countless benefits of being an Empath.  Allow Krista to help discover your Intuitive gifts. You will start to love being an empath!

Empath Grand Junction, co

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