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                       Krista carpenter, MS, CLC, is aN intuitive                         Life Coach that works exclusively with                           Empath's and Highly Sensitive People.                               Krista uses her coaching practice                                     to help you find a sense of calm and                               control over your emotional state,                                 become empowered, and to assist you                               develop your intuitive gifts, or  "superpowers."   


being an Empath herself, krista knows how amazing (and yet overwhelming) life can be as an Empath/HSP.  She has a passion for helping clients to develop their intuitive gifts, find happiness, and live the life of their dreams! 


Krista received her Masters of Science degree in Counseling in 2003 from Texas A&M University.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin in 2000. She became certified as a life coach in 2019.  Rather than practicing counseling, Krista decided to coach, which was more in alignment with her approach:  Positive Psychology. (that means focusing on clients strengths rather than their weaknesses).


Why do coaching with krista?



Reason number one through nine: 

Krista is an Empowered Empath.  That means that Krista has learned how to life life as an Empath who knows how to take good care of herself; who can identify the things that HSP's and Empaths need, that others do not; an Empath who can block the negative energy of others; who is not at the mercy of whomever is in the room; and Empath who has identified and worked on strengthening her superpowers; and who uses those superpowers to create a sense of peace and happiness; an Empath that has learned why she is here and what her purpose in this life is; an Empath who has used all of this to create a life that she believes is worth bragging about.

Reason number nine through seventeen: 

Krista has two decades of experience working as a counselor. 

She has a masters degree in counseling, and a bachelors degree in Psychology. 

Krista is an intuitive, and can help you realize many things that you can't quite put your finger on, yet. 

She is a person who loves learning, and sharing that information with like minded people. 

Email Krista below to schedule your session.

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