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What is Coaching, and how is it different than Counseling?
How can Coaching Benefit me?

Here are the biggest differences between Coaching and Counseling.  I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what Coaching is.  Feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page to email any additional questions you might have!

1.  Coaching Sessions often run over the 60 minute scheduled time.  Because I schedule sessions AT LEAST 30 minutes apart, there is plenty of time to go longer.  A good Coach will be present (not watch the clock), be genuine, and make sure the client is aware that they will get all the time they need. My coaching sessions have an approximate 60 minute length, but I always leave extra time so we aren't forced to end when we aren't ready to end!  

2.  Rather than meeting at a clinic or office, you get to be in the comfort of your own home, in comfy clothes, avoiding traffic and other stressors that are not good for HSPs or Empaths.  I typically do

my coaching over Zoom.  If you happen to live close to me, I am happy to meet you anywhere yo like, if that is your preference.

3.  As a coach, I am not forced to Diagnose you with a mental illness.  Yes, it is true, that if you see a counselor or other type of therapist, they are forced to diagnose you at the first session.  I never thought that was fair, but the health insurance companies and regulatory agencies say that we have to do that.  Additionally, counselors have to write treatment plans for each client that are solely focused on their SYMPTOMS.  That is just unhelpful, to say the least.  If all we focus on is the problem, how are we supposed to come up with the solution?  So, in my coaching, there are no diagnosis, no mental illness.  Symptoms are seen as the normal reaction to being an HSP or Empath.

In Coaching, we will focus on your strengths, and gifts, and we use those to set goals and achieve a life that you love.

4.  We talk, but Coaching is not a venting session. Talking is helpful for me to get to know you well, and to gain an understanding of what your goals are.  However, there is much more to you than can be captured in words. In coaching, we work with your energy, your heart, your intuition, and your imagination.  If appropriate, we ill do energy healing to assist you in letting go of limiting patterns.   Coaching gives me a much broader range of techniques that I can use, because Coaching does not have the same "rules" as therapy.

5. Counselors often see people once a week for years and years.  As a coach, you get to choose the frequency of sessions, and it is rare that I meet with people weekly.  I NEVER work with a client for a year at a time.  I believe that change can happen quickly, when we are focused on where we want t go.  I will give you the tools to do your own work, so you will not need to rely on me in any way.

6.  Boundaries are so very different for counselors and coaches.  As a coach, I can hug you, meet you for coffee, attend your kids, cousins wedding, etc.  It is typical as a coach to email, text, or call you

between sessions.  If you hire me as a coach, I will make myself as available to you as you need.  As a counselor, I can not touch you, even if you ask.  I can not email, text, or call you outside of session  time.  I can not tell you a thing about my life or experience.  As your coach, you will be able to get to know me, if you choose.  I can share my experiences as an Empath and HSP.  I do not have to remain a "blank slate" as a coach.

7.  As an Empath myself, I found counseling very exhausting.  Focusing on the problems, the symptoms discussing the past ad nauseam, it was all very tiring.  Coaching, on the other hand, is exhilarating and energizing!  When we focus on your strengths, passions, and (what I refer to as) superpowers, I am full of joy and happiness.  How could I not be?  I get to help very special people (HSP's and Empath's) discover their hidden talents (superpowers)!  I get to watch as you learn how

to use these gifts to make all of your dreams a reality.  Now that is some fulfilling and joyful work!

Other Benefits of Happy Empath Coaching include: 


--Stoping the use of unhealthy coping skills such as drinking, overeating, and other impulsive behaviors. --Develop the ability to "turn off" your sensitivities, when needed.  -_Learning how to protect yourself from taking on other peoples emotions. --Learning what kinds of things will re-balance you. --Learning what common pitfalls Empaths face, and how to avoid them. --Further Developing the Clairs that you are most interested in. --Understanding a bit more about yourself, your relationships, your health, and how they all work together.

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