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Why I am so excited to Coach Empathic People.

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Oh Lord! I can not wait for February first to arrive! That is when I officially start being a full time Coach. It can not come fast enough.


The last year was full of growth, exploration, and learning. It was also filled with unexpected pain.

I once heard someone say that Enlightenment was like going through a spiritual puberty. PUBERTY: Feeling and looking awkward, getting pimples, and feeling oh so uncomfortable with your new body hair and growing chest. Going through the awkward phases with your peers. ENLIGHTENMENT: You expect bliss, happiness, and peace, but what you receive is isolation, sadness, and emptiness. You feel awkward, you get dark circles under your eyes, and you go through this awkward phase all by yourself.

I certainly would not say that I am enlightened,

but I have grown more, in a spiritual sense, in the last year than all of my prior years combined. It was not what I expected. I spent hours searching the internet, reading books, exploring what is real and what is not. Hanging out with Enlightened people and Spiritual consultants. After discovering that an Empath is a real thing, and I happen to be one, I felt that my entire life suddenly made sense. I also felt terribly disappointed that it took me 41 years to discover this. On a Thursday afternoon and evening, I was literally inhabited by an evil presence. Once you open yourself up to the beauty of your spiritual self, you also open yourself up to the dark side of your spiritual self. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE WARN PEOPLE ABOUT THIS!!??

I became despondent. I became depressed. I became convinced that my reality was nothing more than my perspective. I wrote to Elon Musk, asking "If you think we are all living in a simulation, what stops you from ending it all?" (I got no response). I believed that nothing mattered one way or the other. I lost all meaning, all purpose. I regretted the spiritual exploration and "growth," because I had no sense of control.

I had a health scare and ended up in the ICU.....

and I had no choice but to take back my control.

So, I worked on enhancing what I refer to as my "superpowers." I found ways to challenge myself; to test my third eye and its capabilities. I practiced my Clairs. I refused to engage with anything dark, distressing, or negative. I cut out toxic people, and Emotional Vampires. I only engaged with things that were funny, uplifting, and positive. It's like the saying that "You are what you eat," the Empath "becomes what he/she pays attention to."

I am happy to say that those changes worked wonders. I emerged from the dark depths of the spirit, and became stronger and happier each day.

As a HSP or Empath, we are not destined to misery. I learned the hard way how to protect myself, to take my power back, and to appreciate being an Empath. You know what happened next? I started to see other Empath's everywhere. I started to connect with them. I started to use my superpowers to help them.

......And that is why I can not wait to give up counseling, and work from a broader framework, as an Empath Coach.

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